How do I import a CSV of requests?

To import a CSV of requests into your request backlog:

  1. Go to Requests section in Wizeline
  2. In the top right, click on the arrow next to Create Request and choose Add requests from CSV:
  3. Click Browse to select the CSV you want to import
  4. You must map at least the Request Title column before you can click Save
  5. Optionally, you may the Request Description and/or Requester
  6. Now your requests will be shown in the request backlog

Request CSV requirements:

  • Must contain the Request Title of the requests you want to import. The request title can contain alphanumeric values, as well as symbols.
  • Optionally may contain the Request Description.
  • Optionally may contain the Requester. The requester may only be in email format. This allows Wizeline to automatically match the requester to an existing Wizeline user, so the requester may receive email alerts about the status of their request. If the requester email does not match and existing Wizeline user, then Wizeline will default the requester to you, the user importing the CSV of requests.
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