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Wizeline allows for the tracking of progress towards completion for your features, releases, and initiatives, with visual indicators of progress visible directly in the roadmap. This can be accomplished through integration with Atlassian JIRA (read more about Wizeline's JIRA integration here), or by using Wizeline's built in progress tracking, which is automatically enabled when you first create your Wizeline account.

An example roadmap in Wizeline, displaying % progress on the roadmap, and progress visualized on the release detail side panel.

How to Track Progress

Progress in Wizeline is based on feature status, which can be updated manually directly in Wizeline. There are three types of feature status in Wizeline:

  • Upcoming: feature has not yet been started, but exists in the feature backlog
  • In Progress: work has started on the feature
  • Complete: all work related to the feature has been completed

You can update a feature's status individually, or in bulk. To update an individual feature's status, click on the feature in question, and click to edit. Use the drop down to select the appropriate feature status, and click to save. Note that you can update an individual feature's status from the roadmap, feature backlog, or Plan mode views.

To update feature status in bulk, navigate to your feature backlog or to Plan mode, where you can see features in a list view. Check the boxes next to the features you'd like to edit, and use the bulk edit toolbar to update feature status. Make sure to confirm and save your changes when complete.

Calculating % Progress

Each feature status indicates a different level of completion. To derive a percentage from these states, each is assigned a completion percentage for calculation purposes.

  • Upcoming: 0% complete
  • In Progress: 50% complete
  • Complete: 100% complete

Reporting is rolled up to the release, initiative, and product levels. For instance, a release with three features - one upcoming, one in progress, and one complete - will reflect 50% completion. Another release with four features - one upcoming, one in progress, and two complete - will reflect 63% completion. 

Enable % Progress in the Roadmap

Progress tracking is automatically enabled when you first create your Wizeline account. To expose % progress on the roadmap, simply find View Options on the roadmap, and check the box to show progress. Once you check the box, progress will be visible in the roadmap at the feature, release, and initiative levels.

Reach out to your Wizeline rep or send us an email at if you have any questions. 

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