Manage and Convey Release Risk

Wizeline's planning and roadmapping tools allow for the assignment of a risk level to a given release. These risk levels align with the recommended risk categories of the Project Management Institute (PMI), and include On Track (green), Medium Risk (Amber) and High Risk (Red) classifications. 

*In general, we strongly recommend that you and your team clearly define what each risk level means, as a given risk level will imply different things in different industries or organizations. Feel free to reach out to your Wizeline representative for best practice-based recommendations on risk level definition for your organization.*

When you first create a release, the default risk level will reflect On Track (green) status. This status is reflected in three places within Wizeline. 

1) The color of the release on the roadmap

2) The release detail side panel

3) The release view in Plan mode

If you have configured a weekly release report, release risk will also be reflected in that email notification.

Changing Release Risk

You can change the risk level of a release manually, either in the Plan mode view of your release, or directly from the roadmap. Manual changes to risk level allow for variance in risk tolerance between individuals or teams within an organization. 

From the Plan mode view of your release, click to edit your release, and then use the drop down to select your risk level.

From the roadmap, click Release Overview to view the release detail side panel, click to edit your release, and use the drop down to select your risk level.

Changing release risk by either method will force the user to include a comment as to why release risk level has changed. This comment will be reflected in the release activity log, providing context to other roadmap viewers (or recipients of a weekly release report) as to why risk level has changed. 

Once you've changed the risk of one or more releases, you'll see them colored differently in the roadmap, providing a visual indicator of risk to your roadmap viewers.

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