How do I create a weekly release report?

To create a weekly release report, you must be an admin or executive user in your Wizeline product.

  1. Click on Settings, the gear icon at the bottom of your Wizeline navigation
  2. Under General, click on Weekly Release Report.
  3. Click Add Report and enter your report details:
    Title which will be displayed in the email.
    Delivery settings for the reports which are sent on your chose day and time on a weekly basis.
    Recipients who must be Wizeline users.
    Products you want to include in your weekly release report.
    Fields, which are optional, if you want to filter and only report on specific releases by custom field.
  4. Click Save, then you will see the Send Me a Test Report button after you save. Send yourself a test report to review.

Clicking Send Report Now will send the report to all your recipients immediately.

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