Mapping Epics & Issues Within Epics to Features

Many teams use epics in JIRA to represent larger user stories or other logical groupings of issues. In these cases, Wizeline allows for issues within an epic - also known as child issues - to automatically inherit the feature mapping of their parent epic. 

An epic mapped to a feature in Wizeline, with reporting across all of the child issues (within the epic in JIRA).

This feature enables users to establish only one mapping between an epic in JIRA and a feature in Wizeline, and take all issues within that epic into account for progress reporting purposes. 

Whether you map an epic to a feature before or after adding issues to that epic doesn't matter - you'll still see reporting on progress of all issues within the epic once your mapping is established. 

Recommended Workflow

There are a variety of use cases where this feature will be particularly helpful. However, a workflow that we use at Wizeline - and that we recommend regularly to customers using our JIRA integration - looks like this:

  1. Set your priorities in Wizeline. Define which features are above or below the line in a given release. See more about prioritization in Wizeline here
  2. Create epics for top priority features. You can create these issue types (and any others) directly from Wizeline, where they'll automatically be tracked. This is most effective if both your features in Wizeline and epics in JIRA represent a complete user story. See more about creating JIRA issues from within Wizeline here
  3. Allow your developers to add issues to the epic. With epic child issue mapping enabled, you'll automatically track the progress of all issues that your team creates in the epic, without having to log into JIRA yourself.

Enabling Epic Child Issue Mapping

To enable this feature, go to the JIRA integration settings in Wizeline. 

In Product Settings, select the product in which you'd like to enable auto-mapping of an epic's children issues. Click to edit the settings for that product, and check the box to enable this feature.

Make sure you save your changes. Once enabled, you'll automatically track issues within epics you create from Wizeline or map to features in Wizeline. 


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