What happens to a feature when I detach it from a release?

If you detach a feature from a release it moves to the backlog, you cannot un-approve a feature so it cannot revert back to a request.

To move a Feature from a Release to the backlog: (Click to see in action)

  • Select Features on left side panel
  • Move to Plan view on top left
  • Select Release on list on the left
  • Click on the Feature
  • Click Edit button in Feature Details
  • X out of the Release the Feature is related to
  • Click Save

Note: Once a release has elapsed, the features will stay in the release and will not revert to the backlog.


In Bulk: (Click here to see in action)

  • Select Features view on left side panel
  • Click Plan view tab in top left
  • Select release on left side
  • Select features you wish to remove from release
  • Select "Change Release & Cost Estimation" from the blue Bulk Actions drop down menu
  • From the right window click the "x" of the release under "Remove Existing Releases"
  • Click Save on bottom right
  • Click "Yup, it's okay" from the pop up window


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