What is a Super Admin?

A Super Admin is a user role that has access to view, edit, and manage all products and users. This role makes it easy to manage people and information across all the teams and products in a large organization. If you are the first person from your organization to create a Wizeline account, you'll automatically be a Super Admin.

As a Super Admin, you can add additional Super Admins to your account, as well as revoke this level of access. To manage Super Admin users, visit Settings, and click to view the Super Admin section. 

To add a new Super Admin, click the Add Super Admin button in the top right, and type or paste the email addresses for your desired users. You can also use the drop down to select existing Wizeline users. Make sure to click Assign in the bottom right to confirm Super Admin access for your selected users.

To revoke access, simply click Revoke Access next to the name of a Super Admin from the existing list of users. 

Note: Each Super Admin will have access to ALL products and users in your organization's Wizeline account. This means you may see some products named 'Default' that individuals in your organization logged in and created when testing Wizeline. We recommend that you add users to their correct respective products and eliminate idle 'Default' products to make managing data easier as your team grows.

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