Install & Setup


  • About 10 minutes
  • Slack team administrator access
  • Wizeline administrator access

Wizeline Setup

To begin, we recommend you set up the integration as an admin user who has access to all products within your organization. Note that you'll need to use this user's login to make changes to the integration in the future, so you may want to create a user for integration purposes and give that user super admin access in Wizeline. For example, you could create the user,

  1. First, grab your Slack-specific API token from Wizeline. In Wizeline, go to Settings -> Integrations -> Slack, and click to copy the API token. You’ll be able to configure the integration to generate requests from Slack from any of the products that you have access to when grabbing the API token (i.e. if you don’t have access to a product when grabbing the token, you won’t be able to send requests to that product). 
  2. Add the Wizeline integration to Slack. In the same screen, click the “Start using Slack” button, right above the API token button. Note that you can also do this from the Wizeline listing in the Slack App Directory
  3. Choose your Slack team & authorize Wizeline. Be sure to select the correct Slack team for your organization if you belong to more than one team. Then, click to authorize Wizeline’s access. 

Slack Setup

  1. Grant Slack permission to send requests to Wizeline. Go to any channel within your Slack team and use the Wizeline API token that you grabbed during Wizeline setup to issue the following command: "/wize set token <Wizeline API token>". You'll see a private success notification similar to the below.
  2. See your list of available products. Navigate to your Slack channel of choice and retrieve a list of all the products that your API token gives you access to by issuing the command: "/wize list products"
  3. Set a Wizeline product destination for your Slack channel requests. You can do this for any Slack channel in your team. Copy the product id that you'd like to use, and issue the command: "/wize set product <product id>". You'll see a success notification similar to the below. 

To set the product on other Slack channels, repeat steps 2 & 3 for each channel. You can set several of your Slack channels to the same Wizeline product, but note that you can only set one Wizeline product for each channel.

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