Why do I need to manually sync JIRA with Wizeline?

Manually syncing your JIRA schema with Wizeline ensures that your are working with the most recent and up-to-date JIRA schema within Wizeline. For example, if your JIRA admin has added new projects or issue types to your JIRA instance, you may not see them within Wizeline because Wizeline doesn’t yet know about these changes. As a rule, you should make sure to sync JIRA before you make any changes to the JIRA integration settings within Wizeline.

To do this, go to Settings > Integrations, and click to edit the Settings of your JIRA integration. Make sure you're logged in as an Admin user in order to access this area. 

Once in JIRA settings, click to Sync JIRA. You'll see your updated JIRA schema reflected below, and can map JIRA projects to your Wizeline products below. 



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