JIRA Server: What are the JIRA instance requirements?

The Wizeline add-on for JIRA Server has the following requirements: 

  • Internet connectivity. Our add-on communicates with our RESTful API over HTTPS
  • We use the "Authorization" HTTP header for authorizing our request. Please make sure that your internet connectivity appliances don't tamper with this header
  • Ensure that the box JIRA is in it has outbound access to on port 443.
  • Inbound access to your JIRA instance to call JIRA’s REST API
    • Without permitting inbound access, you can still use the Wizeline Connect add-on and all Wizeline-side JIRA features except for issue creation and mapping from within Wizeline. Inbound access is required to support issue creation and mapping from within Wizeline.
    •, and should be allowed to generate incoming traffic to your JIRA box.
    • Please note: The configured base url of your JIRA instance needs to be publicly accessible (i.e. private hostnames can't be reached from the outside)
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