Why do I need to map JIRA projects to Wizeline products?

A JIRA project is a collection of issues in JIRA. Your team could use a JIRA projects to coordinate the development of a product, track a project, manage a help desk, and more, depending on your requirements.

In Wizeline, a product behaves similarly in that it is a collection of requests, features and releases. Your team can use Wizeline products to prioritize and plan product development on a product area or even on a specific team.

In the JIRA integration settings, you can map your Wizeline products to your JIRA projects. This will determine where the users in each of your products can create or map JIRA issues. This also determines where the Wizeline add-on will show up in your JIRA instance.

Configuring your integration in a way that fits your workflow is key ensuring that your Wizeline users aren’t creating and mapping to the wrong JIRA project, and that your JIRA users aren’t mapping to the wrong Wizeline product. For example, you may want to ensure that the users in your Mobile Wizeline product can only map and create JIRA issues in your Mobile JIRA project.

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