JIRA Server: Why can't Wizeline access my JIRA instance?

Providing a set of JIRA credentials to authenticate Wizeline with your JIRA instance allows us to have the access permissions necessary for your Wizeline users to create new JIRA issues from Wizeline and to map existing JIRA issues to your Wizeline features.

When entering your JIRA user credentials, you may encounter a notification informing you that Wizeline cannot access your JIRA instance.


Here is a checklist if you are seeing this alert:

  1. The JIRA credentials may be mistyped. If so, please double check your JIRA username and password and try again.
  2. The JIRA credentials were entered too many times. If so, the JIRA API will prevent you from authenticating Wizeline with JIRA until you go to your JIRA instance, login and answer their provided CAPTCHA. From there, you can return to Wizeline, enter your JIRA username and password and try again. **Note: CAPTCHA will only be provided if your instance has that setting enabled in JIRA.
  3. The JIRA user initiating the integration does not have permission to grant Wizeline access to your JIRA instance. If so, please contact your JIRA admin.
  4. The JIRA instance does not allow for inbound access. If so, please contact your JIRA admin and IT system administrator.
  5. There might be connectivity issues with your JIRA instance. If so, please contact your JIRA admin and try again later.

In any of these cases, please note that you can continue to configure your JIRA integration settings within Wizeline, including choosing your JIRA progress type and mapping your JIRA projects to Wizeline products. However, without resolving these issues, you will not be able to create new JIRA issues or map existing JIRA issues from Wizeline.

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