JIRA Server: Why am I seeing an error when mapping an issue in JIRA to a feature in Wizeline?

If you are seeing a “Wizeline issue mapping error” in the JIRA UI when mapping an issue to a Wizeline feature, this could be because your JIRA instance cannot communicate with Wizeline. Please conduct the following steps to debug and resolve:

  1. Check that the base URL of your JIRA instance is the same as the base URL your users use to access JIRA. If it is not, ensure that these match and try mapping an issue again.
  2. Check that your JIRA instance has outbound access to and  You can test this by:
    • Logging into a shell in your JIRA box and executing the following command:
      • curl -L <otubound url>
    • When triaging this with our customer success team, please share the command output with us.
    • If you do not see any output, or you see something like “Connection refused” or “Connection timed out”, that likely means you have a restriction within your network stack that is obstructing communication between your JIRA box and Wizeline
      • Check if there are network appliances, such as a proxy or VPN, that need additional outgoing access to allow your JIRA instance to communicate with Wizeline:
  3. Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments to allow proper outbound access, try to map an issue in JIRA to a Wizeline feature again and share the request log with us along with your instance logs. The request can be logged using the browser’s developer tools and any other mapping error should be logged by our add-on and should be in your instance logs
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