Mark Request as an Existing Feature

Users may submit requests for things that already exist in your feature backlog. Wizeline makes it easy to consolidate duplicate requests, without losing any information from original request.

» Tip: Rather than dismissing duplicate requests, a best practice is to mark them as existing features. This approach retains valuable information and provides an accurate count of how many requests are associated with each feature.  


To mark a request as a duplicate, click to review your request. You’ll then see a dropdown named "Mark as Existing Feature" in the top left.

Click this option, and you’ll see a drop down field where you can search for items in your backlog. Start typing a keyword, and relevant feature backlog items will appear. Select your duplicate feature and click “Save” and you’re done!

Step by Step: (Click to see in action)

  • From Requests on left side panel
  • Select a request and click the "Review Now" button
  • Click on the "Mark as an Existing Feature" and type in the search box for the existing feature then click "Apply"
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