Create a Group of Requests

Once requests are submitted and hit your pending requests queue, you may notice that some requesters are asking for similar things in slightly different terms. You can use Wizeline to group such requests and consolidate them into a single item for review.

» Tip: Wizeline automatically keeps track of how many original requests comprise your group — so you can quickly compare features based on how many times they have been requested. Wizeline also retains each requester and automatically notifies them when a feature is completed.


Here’s How to Group Requests:

First, select the requests that you’d like to add to a group. You’ll see the bulk edit toolbar appear once you start checking boxes. In the bulk toolbar, click to create a group.


Once you click “Create Group,” a new menu will appear where you can give your group of requests a name and description, as you see below. The name of the group will represent all requests included in the group going forward.


Below the group description, you’ll see all of the requests that comprise the group. You can look at each individual request for detail when defining your request group. Don’t forget to click “Save Group” when you’re done editing.

Once your group is created, you can identify it as a group of requests within your requests backlog by its “Grouped” status. The status will also reflect ‘Pending’ until you take action to approve or dismiss the request, or send it to another product.



 Step By Step:

  • From Features view from left panel
  • Select at least two features and a grey bar will pop up to mark them as duplicate

You can either:

a. Attach it to an already created Group (Click to see in action)

b. Create a new feature name and description (Click to see in action)

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