What are initiatives?


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To add an initiative: (Click here to see it in action)

  • Select the "Initiatives" from left side panel to open Initiatives view
  • Select the "+Add initiative" button at the top right.

Available on paid Wizeline plans, an initiative is a new element in Wizeline that allows teams to do higher-level, tops-down planning.

Using initiatives, users are able to create organization-wide objectives that extend across all products, releases, features and teams within Wizeline. Initiatives are intended to give company leadership and product leads visibility into the status of the various tactical stages of their plan.

With initiatives, you can now use Wizeline for the following:

  • Plan strategically, in a top-down fashion
  • Define and track company or organization-wide themes
  • Track higher-level projects across products or releases
  • Form connections across products/releases that previously weren’t related


Note for JIRA users:

JIRA users gain additional benefits. In JIRA, you can’t track progress of multiple releases - that might make up multiple Epics in JIRA - in a single view. You can’t see progress of multiple Epics in JIRA, but you can see this with initiatives in Wizeline!

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