3: Use Data to Prioritize Features

Using Wizeline, you get access to data — such as number of requests, survey results, revenue impact and more — to help you decide which features to prioritize in your release. To finalize your release plan, select the release and click “Edit.” Click the dropdown labeled “Fields” to display data fields on the features.


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Did you know that on paid plans you can create custom fields? Learn more.

Now, drag and drop the features to reflect their priority order. Features at the top are the most important; features at the bottom are the least important.

Finally, you can position the Wizeline to define which features will be prioritized (those above the line) from those that will not be prioritized (those below). Don’t forget to click “save” once your release plan is final. (Click to see in action


About the Wizeline: The Wizeline typically marks the difference between features that are prioritized in your next release and features that will not make your next release but it can be customized to mean different things to your organization by editing the ghost text. (Click to see in action)


Setting the Wizeline:


A final release in Wizeline:


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