Submit a Product Request

Submitting a request in Salesforce is fast and easy — and it’s the most effective way to tell your product management team about your prospects’ and customers’ product requirements.

A high-priority customer may be at the risk of churning because of a long outstanding issue, for example, or you may need a new feature to close a large, strategic account. With Product Tracker, Wizeline's Salesforce app, it’s easy to provide this information to your product team.

There are two ways to submit a request in Salesforce using the Product Tracker application.


Select an Existing Feature

If you already know which feature is important to your customer or opportunity, simply search for the feature in the Product Tracker app and select it. You can mark the feature as “Must Have” or “Nice to Have.”


Create a New Request

If you don’t know which feature from your team’s Wizeline account to select — or if you’re not able to find the feature you’re looking for — you can enter a new request from within the Product Tracker app.


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