How do initiatives relate to other objects in Wizeline?

Initiatives are unique in that you can map them to any products, and any releases within those products in Wizeline. This allows you to define high level strategic initiatives, and relate any of your products to those initiatives.

Once you form a relationship between an initiative and a product, you can add relationships to specific releases from related products and track the progress of those releases as they help you get closer to achieving your strategic objectives.


How do I relate initiatives to each other? (Click here to see in action)

  • Select Initiatives view from the left side panel
  • Select Initiative to open Initiative Details
  • On the left scroll down to Related Initiatives and add initiative


How do I relate releases to initiatives? (Click here to see in action)

  • Click on Initiatives view on left side panel
  • Click on initiative to open Initiative Details
  • On right side panel select the Related Releases "+" button and search for the release you would like to assign in the drop down menu

Please note that it must be an existing release and also a part of one of the products that is already related to the initiative.

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