In-Wizeline requests

By inviting users to your Wizeline product, you’ll enable them to submit product requests and ideas directly within Wizeline, under Requests. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1

Invite users from whom you’d like to capture product requests by going to People > Invite Users. To give them access only to Requests (and not Features), invite them as Wizeline Evaluators. This way, they will only be able to submit requests, view their own requests, view prioritized releases on your roadmap.

**Note: for security reasons, Wizeline by default allows access only to users with your organization's email domain. To enable additional email domains on your account, contact us

Read more about Wizeline user roles.


Step 2

Once invited, your users will receive an email with a link to your product within Wizeline. Once they’ve clicked the link to validate their account, they’ll be shown instructions on how to submit requests and will be able to log in to Wizeline to submit requests at any time.


Step 3

Wait for the product requests and ideas to come in! Each request that's submitted from within Wizeline will be identified as such in the Source column.


If you’re feeling antsy, you can create a request of your own within Wizeline to see how this functionality works.



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