How do I import my roadmap from a CSV file?

Adding your upcoming roadmap to Wizeline from a CSV file is easy, and can help you create a roadmap visualization with just a couple clicks. 

You may upload a CSV with the following columns of data:

  • To upload only features: Feature Name, Feature Description
  • To upload only releases: Release Name, Start Date (MM/DD/YYYY), End Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • To upload both features and releases: Simply map the features in the CSV to the releases they belong to

Note: You cannot upload custom fields via .csv import.

 You can download and use our CSV template here
Note: If you use one of our templates, you will need to delete the header row to upload successfully.

To upload your CSV:

You can upload your CSV from two places:

  1. From Features section, click the arrow next to Add Feature and choose "Add features from CSV"
  2. From Roadmap section, click the arrow next to Add New and choose "Releases from CSV"

You'll see a new window with a space where you can drag and drop your CSV file, or browse your local drive to upload a file. Select your file and upload to Wizeline.

Once your file is uploaded, you'll see it's data in the window. Use the drop downs to select which columns are the feature name, feature description, release name, start date, and/or end date.

You can also remove rows or columns you don't want imported by clicking the 'X' on the edge of that row or column so these values aren't imported.

Once your columns are defined, click to save, and you're good to go! You'll see your features and/or releases imported in Wizeline.

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