I sent an invite to a user and they haven't received the invite. How do I resend the invite?

To resend an invite, you must be an Admin or Super Admin role in Wizeline:

  1. Navigate to the People section by clicking on it in the left navigation menu.
  2. On the top of the page, you will see Status and 3 people icons that represent Active, Pending, and Disabled. Click on Pending Users, the middle icon.
  3. You are now looking at all the pending invitations that have been sent to invitees in this product. Click the Resend button to the right of the user's email to resent the invite.
  4. Clicking on the Revoke button will delete the pending invitation. If the invitee clicks through on their invite email after you delete the pending invitation, they will not be able to join your product.

If the invitee does not see an invite from Wizeline in their inbox, they should look in their spam folder. The email will be from with the subject line, "You're invited to join <your product name>'s team on Wizeline."

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