Ranking Requests

As an Admin or Editor, you have the ability to create a ranked list of requests for each of your products in Wizeline. 

This functionality offers a number of benefits. First, it enables you to consider requests and begin to set preliminary priorities without triggering any notification to the requester. You can also attach new incoming requests to your ranked requests, creating a group. 

» Tip: The total number of requests in each group can be referenced to help you make more informed prioritization decisions.  

You can easily rank pending requests through drag and drop, or by selecting pending requests from the request backlog and choosing “Rank Requests.”

You can move ranked requests back to the pending request backlog by drag and drop, selecting the “Move to backlog” button, or clearing the entire ranked list via the “Clear ranked list” button.

(Click to see in action)


To un-rank a request: (Click to see in action)

  • From Requests on left side panel
  • Scroll to Ranked Requests
  • Select request and click on the blue down arrow blue button on the right side of the request
  • Request will be moved to the Request Backlog
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