Wizeline’s Salesforce integration enables Salesforce users like account managers, customer success managers, sales engineers and others to provide valuable input on what customers and prospects are saying about your products -- and to track which product features are most important to your company’s success.

The solution aggregates this input and provides quantified product insights in Wizeline, such as:

  • Your most popular feature, in terms of total feature requests
  • Your most popular feature, in terms of total Salesforce object dollar amount
  • Which existing features are helping your sales team close the most deals, both in terms of deal number and Salesforce deal value
  • Which new features would help close the most revenue
  • Which of your largest or most strategic accounts are requesting which features


Data-Driven Prioritization

Wizeline helps prioritize which features are most likely to drive success in the market. Data from your sales and customer success teams is just one area where we enable this. Drawing from sales-related data from Salesforce, you can:

  • Prioritize work that will please your biggest, most important customers
  • Forecast how much revenue is likely to be delivered by each feature
  • Hold your team accountable to both sales and development target


Managing Feature Requests

Using Product Tracker in Salesforce, members of your sales and customer success teams are able select from your pre-existing list when identifying which features are most important to a particular deal. About 80% of feature “requests” are made in this manner.  


In some instances, however, your team will have new feature requests that are brand-new. In these cases, Wizline streamlines the process of managing these feature requests. We make it possible to:

  • Establish a single point for having your team submit feature requests (within Salesforce)
  • Capture valuable customer- and revenue-released data to intelligently prioritize each feature
  • Quickly review, accept or dismiss in-bound feature requests
  • Send automatic updates to the requesters from your team whenever a feature status is changed


Product Updates & Alerts

Once a Product Tracker user associates a deal with a given feature, they will receive an alert when that feature is delivered. That way, the salesperson or customer success manager that owns the deal can quickly let that account know that the feature they wanted has been delivered, streamlining your process for customer-facing product updates.

Your sales team can use Product Tracker alerts to demonstrate a rapid pace of innovation, reach back out to resurrect a previously lost deal, and secure new pipeline.

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