Mapping JIRA issues to Wizeline Features from JIRA

Once the integration has been installed and configured, you can begin to associate a JIRA issue with features in your Wizeline backlog. This article outlines how to map JIRA issues to Wizeline features from within JIRA - see our article on creating JIRA issues from Wizeline for more info. 

*Note: you can enable automatic reporting on child issues of an epic mapped to a feature by enabling this feature in the JIRA integration settings within Wizeline. 

Log into your JIRA account and open an issue -- the Wizeline section appears midway down the page. 

Example of the Wizeline section on an issue in JIRA


In the Wizeline section, you'll see the feature that the issue is mapped to. You can add or edit the Wizeline feature to which you want to map your particular JIRA issue. Use the drop down, and then enter relevant keywords in the available field to find your feature. 

Use the drop-down in the Wizeline section to add or edit the mapping between Wizeline features and JIRA issues 

Once mapped, the JIRA issues and their status will be visible in Wizeline, where you can easily keep track of development progress.

 Final note: if you have enabled automatic epic child issue mapping, you won't be able to change the mapping of issues within that epic. Instead, you'll only be able to make changes to the mapping of the parent epic. You'll see the following message when looking at the Wizeline field of child issues.

If you need to change the mapping of an issue within a mapped epic, remove the child issue from that epic in order to allow for mapping changes. 


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