Invite your Team

It’s best to invite collaborators to your product in Wizeline so they can view your roadmap, request features within Wizeline, or get more information on a given release or specific features.

Click on People on the left sidebar of the Wizeline app, then click the “Invite People” button in the upper right hand corner. You'll see the Invite People panel appear from the right.

 First, use the drop down to select the products that you'd like to invite your team to - you can invite your team members to just one product, or any number of products at one time. The product that you're currently in will already be selected.

Next, select the users that you'd like to add to the products you've selected. You can copy users from an existing product, select existing Wizeline users, paste a list of comma separated email addresses, or type in email addresses individually.

Finally, select a user role for your team members. You can invite everyone as the same role, or select different roles for specific users by clicking "Differentiate roles". 

Users can have the following roles:

  • Admin
  • Editor
  • Evaluator
  • Executive 

Admins have full control and access for all the functions within the Wizeline account.

Editors have advanced access in their ability to edit features, releases, and roadmaps for a product, invite and disable users, and review feature requests. They cannot make administrative updates to the Wizeline account such as billing changes.

Evaluators have limited access. They can take surveys, view prioritized releases in a roadmap, and make feature requests within the Wizeline platform.

Executives have specific access that allows them to have a high-level view of a product’s status in Wizeline. They can view an All Products Roadmap, view prioritized releases, and take surveys.

When you're done, click "Invite" in the bottom right, and your users will receive an email inviting them to Wizeline. If you're inviting many users, you'll receive an email notification when all invites have been delivered.

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