Wizeline Sales & Market Insights for PMs

As your team adds key features to objects related to their deals in Salesforce, the revenue and account-related data from Salesforce will become available in Wizeline to facilitate more data-driven prioritization and allocation decisions.

For example, when deciding which features should be prioritized for an upcoming release, you could review both the number of total deals that have marked a particular feature as a “key feature,” or you could review the total deal amount (in dollars) -- or you could weigh both object count and amount.

In Wizeline, Salesforce revenue and deal insights are available at the individual feature level and the release level, as well as a product-wide view that spans all key features.

To find a value attached to a request from Salesforce: (Click to see in action)

  • Select Requests on left panel
  • Find a request with "Salesforce" as the source
  • Click on "Review Now" to see the Salesforce value 
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