Voting on Key Features in Salesforce

A key feature is any feature deemed by your team to be a critical in closing a particular deal, whether it’s new business or an add-on. As with any feature in Wizeline, key feature can have one of three status values:

  • Upcoming (in backlog, but not prioritized)
  • In Progress (currently being worked on)
  • Complete (all development work is completed)

As a product Admin or Editor in Wizeline, you’re able to determine whether a feature will be visible to your team in Salesforce. To make a feature visible, simply click “Edit” on any feature, ensure that the checkbox next to “Show is Salesforce” is checked and click save.

De-selecting the checkbox will make features invisible in Salesforce. Keep in mind that it may take a minute for the changes to be reflected within Salesforce.

You can also change these settings for multiple features at once. From Features, click “Bulk Edit,” select your features and then make your desire selection in the dropdown labeled “Salesforce.” Like this:

Once you’ve selected features to be visible in Salesforce, they’ll be available for voting by your sales and customer success teams. Voting is accomplished on the object view that has been mapped during the installation process within Salesforce.

To mark a feature as “key,” simply go to the object in question and navigate to Wizeline Product Tracker. Search for the feature you’d like to vote on, indicate importance (must have vs. nice to have), select it and click the plus sign to add your feature.

Once you’ve done so, the object and all of its metadata -- Account Name, Amount, etc. -- will be associated with this “key feature.” You or your team can add as many key features to an object as is necessary.




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