Gathering Product Feedback

A main goal of Wizeline’s Salesforce integration is to streamline feedback from your company’s customer-facing teams and present it in a way that enables data-driven prioritization of product development work. In general, the integration enables feedback in two ways:

(1) Voting on key features

In this approach, sales and customer success team members provide feedback on a set number of “key features” that are defined by the product management in Wizeline and made available in Salesforce. By associating key features with objects in Salesforce, your team tracks a vote in favor of that feature. 

(2) Submitting feature requests

In instances where a key feature has not been defined, sales and customer success team members are able to submit via Salesforce free-form feature requests, which are then quickly and easily routed in Wizeline by the product management team.  

Each approach provides useful information to the product management organization, namely through metadata fields such as Account Name and object amount. It’s up to you to decide how you’d like to use the integration -- most Wizeline customers use a mix of the two approaches.

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