What are Surveys?

Wizeline’s prioritization Surveys let you poll your team about which features they think are most important. The result is a quantification of priorities based on subjective stakeholder feedback, which you can use when finalizing your product roadmap plans.  

Here’s the recommended workflow. Before doing anything, you should add a bunch of features and associate them with a release -- we recommend you use Wizeline Score values to inform these initial decisions. Once you’ve created your features, setting up a survey is easy:

1. From the survey home screen, click the "New Survey” button



2. Select the release that contains the features for which you want input. Be sure to include a description. The individuals whom you invite to the survey will see this information, so it’s important to be clear about what the survey is for. A good example would be something like, “Please tell us whether the features in this survey should be built next quarter.”

3. Add the features that you want to collect input on. If you associate the survey with a release you’ve already created, all of that release’s features will automatically populate. You can also add features, one by one.

4. Set a deadline for responding. This is important! We generally recommend giving people at least 48 hours to respond, but not longer than a week.

5. And finally, invite your team to provide feedback. Keep in mind the more Evaluators you invite the more interesting -- and accurate -- your results. Also, quick tip: before sending the invites, preview the survey.

Note: you can also write a message to your evaluators about the survey to give them additional context on what the survey is for and why they should provide their input. This message will be in the email asking them to participate.

Now your survey is “in flight” and you just need to wait for the results.


Once your Internal Survey has concluded, you can review and analyze the results within Wizeline:

  1. From the home screen simply click the “Surveys” icon in the side menu
  2. When you land on the page you’ll see two sections: “In flight” and “Survey Reports”. Note that any surveys that are still “in-flight” means that they are still open for responses, as the deadline for completing the survey has not yet passed.
  3. Completed surveys, however, can be found under “Survey reports”.
  4. Find the report you are interested in, and click “View full report”


You can view basic information such as who created the survey, when it was open for feedback, the survey topic, and the list of features that were evaluated. You can also see which individuals completed the survey (and/or see what teams they represented).

Below all this basic information are the overall prioritization results: a stacked list of your feature priorities for this release based on the collective knowledge of your evaluators.

You can also dig deeper into these results by comparing the results:

  1. By team (for instance, you can see what sales thought was important vs marketing)
  2. By individual evaluators
  3. By level of certainty 

However you choose to view and analyze the results, we recommend reviewing the output as a team, BEFORE finalizing the final product roadmap for a release to make sure everyone is on board and in the loop.

Note: You cannot delete a survey completely from the survey page, but you can end an in flight survey early and view results.

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