Re-Syncing Features for Product Tracker (Technical Doc)

Here's a step-by-step guide to triggering a re-sync for the features in Salesforce from Wizeline.

1. Click on "Setup" next to your name at the upper right hand corner of your Salesforce home page.

2. Navigate to the left side panel to the "Build" section which is under "Administer" and click on "Custom Settings".

3. In "Custom Settings", click on the link "Wizeline Settings".

4. Now click "Manage" to edit settings. 

5. Click “Edit” to go into “Wizeline Product Tracker Settings”.

6. In these settings you can view the last synced date. Delete the date that is listed in the “Last Synced At” field and click "Save" above it.

Next time the sync is scheduled, it should re-sync all of the features in the Wizeline feature backlog.



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