Logging Product Tracker Jobs (Technical Doc)

Checking Product Tracker logs is pretty easy! Just follow these easy steps:


1. Click on "Setup" next to your name at the upper right hand corner of your Salesforce home page.


2. Navigate to the left side panel to the "Monitor" section which is under "Deploy" and click on the “Jobs” dropdown.

Clicking on the dropdown, you will see there are two kinds of jobs Wizeline Product Tracker runs, "Apex Jobs" and "Scheduled Jobs".


3. First we’ll check the Apex jobs by clicking on “Apex Jobs”. See screenshot below:



4. Next let's click into "Scheduled Jobs" to check it out.


**By the way, our team at Wizeline is always interested in learning about our logs and events. If you could take a screen capture of either Apex Jobs or Scheduled Jobs submitted by the “Wizeline Product Tracker for Sales”, we'd be extremely grateful! 


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