Getting Started with Product Tracker for Salesforce Users


Product Tracker for Salesforce allows your Sales and Customer Success teams to give feedback to your product management team from Salesforce. They can associate upcoming or completed features with opportunities and request new features with opportunities. In this guide, we will explain how to use Product Tracker in Salesforce.


1. To get started with Product tracker for Salesforce, you first want to acquaint yourself with the features available from Wizeline. To see all of the available features, navigate to the Wizeline tab and view “All features”.

See image below of what "All Features" looks like in the Wizeline for Salesforce tab:

2. Here you are able to mouse over the features and click "View" to open the feature Description and metadata panel:

Click "View"...


... to open feature description and metadata panel:


3. Now that you are familiar with the features available to you, you can begin adding them to opportunities as “Key features for this Opportunity.”

To add features, first navigate to an Opportunity and scroll down to the Wizeline Product Tracker Section:


To find a new feature to add to your list, start by typing in your product name into the lookup field as illustrated in the snapshot below:


Select the feature from the drop down and it will be added to the list of Key Features.

3. If the key feature you are looking for does not exist you can send a feature request to your Product Manager. Send a feature request by:

- Toggling the Wizeline Product Tracker tab over to “Request a Key Feature for this Opportunity”. This defaults to opening the sub-tab "New Feature Request".

- In the "New Feature Request" sub-tab view, select the product you are requesting a feature for by typing it in the lookup field. 

- Fill out the feature description and click "Send Feature Request".

See illustration below:


You can check the status of past feature requests by navigating to the “Feature Request List” sub-tab, located next to the "New Feature Request" sub-tab.


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