How to download a CSV of issues from JIRA to upload to Wizeline

In Wizeline you can upload the issues that you have in JIRA, and make them into features for your Product.

We don’t automatically copy or map content from JIRA to Wizeline when you integrate the two platforms. Rather, as an Admin you get to decide what JIRA issues to map to your Wizeline features to inform your roadmaps progress!

  1. First, confirm that you’ve successfully integrated your JIRA (JIRA Cloud, JIRA Server) with Wizeline and that you have mapped your JIRA projects to Wizeline products in Wizeline (How to map your JIRA projects to Wizeline products)
  2. In JIRA, click on ‘Issues’. The drop down menu will open
  3. Click on ‘more…’
  4. Filter the issues according to what you are trying to accomplish in Wizeline. Our recommendation would be to download a list of all of your Epic issues. Epics are collections of related feature-level stories, tasks, or other issues. Mapping an epic in JIRA with a feature in Wizeline will also link the children issues of that epic.
  5. On the top left corner of your screen in JIRA, filter all of your issues to Epics.Image_2017-03-22_at_4.57.32_PM.jpg
  6. On the top right part of your screen in JIRA, you will see the ‘Columns’ drop down menu. Click there, and select the ‘Key’ and ‘Summary’ columns.                                                    Image_2017-03-22_at_4.58.03_PM.jpg
  7. On the top right part of your screen, above the ‘Columns’ button, there is the ‘Export this filter in another format’ button. Click on it, and in the drop down menu select ‘Export Excel CSV (current fields)’.                                                                                                         Image_2017-03-22_at_4.58.23_PM.jpg
  8. Now that you have the CSV file from JIRA, log-in to Wizeline to get the CSV upload file template. 
    1. Features > Click on ‘V’ next to ‘Add Feature’ > Click on ‘Add Feature from a CSV’ > Download our ready to use template by Clicking on ‘get CSV file’
  9. Organize your JIRA issue information into the Wizeline CSV upload template and upload your file into Wizeline (How do I import my Roadmap from a CSV file?)
  10. Once you’ve successfully uploaded your features into Wizeline, you can now navigate back to JIRA to map each individual Epic to the corresponding Feature in Wizeline (Mapping JIRA issues to Wizeline features from JIRA)

Once you’ve mapped all your JIRA Epics to the corresponding Wizeline features, you can use Wizeline as your communication platform to share your vision, roadmap, and progress status with your stakeholders without having to constantly move back and forth to JIRA to map and monitor progress.

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