How do I change my Salesforce amount field in Wizeline to have a more accurate picture of revenue associated per request and feature?

Step 1: Review requirements and verify number of jobs that are Queued or Processing in user Salesforce instance


  • System Admin access to Salesforce
  • Salesforce can only run 5 jobs at a time. If you are running more than 5 jobs, you will see an error for our job and it won't run. Please confirm that you have less than 5 jobs running before you remap to trigger an update to your amount value field.

How to verify number of jobs that are Queued or Processing in user Salesforce instance:

  1. Log in to Your Salesforce instance.
  2. In top right side, click on the name of Your user. For example:


  1. In the menu that gets displayed, click on “Developer Console”. Look at red arrow shown in image below:                                                                                                                                            _2_.png
  2. In the new window that gets opened, there are some tabs in the bottom, click on “Query Editor”. Look at red arrow shown in image below:                                                                                                  _3_.png
  3. In the first dialog box that is shown next to “Query Editor”, please copy and paste this line there: select count() from AsyncApexJob where (Status = 'Preparing' or Status = 'Processing')                       _4_.png
  4. In the bottom left of the window, click on “Execute”. Look at red arrow shown in image below:              _5_.png
  5. In the top of the window two dialogs will appear; first one will contain the query we provided and just below, it will show a blue dialog box containing “Query Results - Total Rows: <number>”. In our Salesforce instance, “<number>” is 0:                                                                                              _6_.png
  6. In Your instance, if the number shown is lower than 5, please remap the Salesforce object to the desired instructions. Instructions below:

Step 2: How to change my Salesforce amount field in Wizeline:

We'd ask that you re-map the salesforce object in Salesforce by following theses instructions to trigger an update:

  1. Specify the "Select object where Product Tracker will be placed" with the Salesforce object to be updated
    1. i.e. update the amount field for Account  to  Amount X field or for Opportunity to Amount Y field.
  2. Specify the "Field tracked as Amount" with the new value
  3. Specify the "Field tracked as Status" with the new value
  4. Click the "Edit Object" button
  5. Click the "Save" button

Step 3: Verify that the changes have updated

Verify that the amount value has updated by navigating to Wizeline and cross referencing a request in Wizeline and its amount value with the Account or Opportunity it is associated with in Salesforce.

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