How do I use Wizeline to set my priorities?

Generally, we recommend that you use the Wizeline Score value to inform your backlog grooming and initial definition of releases, and use additional tools in Wizeline like Surveys to validate and finalize your prioritization decisions*. See below for some context for this approach, as well as a recommended workflow.

*Your company may have unique circumstances or an existing workflow to accommodate in whole or part. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for specific guidance to maximize the value you get out of Wizeline for your organization.*


The Wizeline Score captures objective data that lives in Wizeline — such as pervasiveness of demand, business impact, cost to build, and more — and produces a single number to represent relative priority based on these measures.  

You’ll notice that subjective data — such as personal preference — is not included in Wizeline Score, but is taken into account in a Survey.  


Given that, we recommend the following approach to supplement your prioritization process.

  1. Capture data and populate fields. Use Wizeline like you would normally to capture requests and populate your backlog. Keep in mind that more information you include in Wizeline, the better the system will be able to make recommendations later on.
  2. Sort your backlog by Wizeline Score. Check out this article if you need help viewing Wizeline Score or sorting your backlog.
  3. Create releases & initial priorities. Filter your backlog by relevant criteria and refer to Wizeline Score values to inform your focus areas and release planning.
  4. Validate priorities with Surveys. Once you’ve taken objective data into account, you can incorporate subjective measures using Surveys. This can help you know where your decisions will be popular, where you need to soften a message, or where you might need to push back based on what the numbers say.
  5. Adjust as things change. Keep track of new developments — like new requests or relevant business opportunities — by changes to the Wizeline Score. Make notes of changes in priority by leaving a note in the log when you make adjustments.

Of course, reach out to your Customer Success Manager any time if you'd like to get additional best practices around prioritization in Wizeline. 

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